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Glenn Beck’s E.R. Horror Story

Will a celebrity story finally give much-needed attention to a problem that has already been discussed at length (on TortDeform, for example, here, here, and here), but which mainly has affected "regular" people?

Glenn Beck's E.R. horror story may bring renewed attention to E.R. care, something of particular importance as many states grapple with E.R. immunity bills to protect hospitals from liability related to emergency room tragedies (in other words--to make sure emergency room victims have little or no recourse through the civil justice system), and other states work to enact legislation that restores patients' protections.

On the Center for Justice and Democracy's website you can find more information on E.R. care including a fact sheet on emergency room malpractice and tort "reform", and a fact sheet on e.r. victims. Also visit Georgia Watch's website for more information.

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Posted at 5:54 PM, Jan 08, 2008 in Civil Justice | Health Care | Liability Immunity
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Are you stupid or naive enough to believe that more malpractice will improve the system... The ridiculous wait times are because every person that goes to an ER gets excessive testing to prevent the ER doc from getting sued. When you are finally seen in the ER with mild belly pain, odds are very strong that you will get a CT scan of the belly that is both expensive, time consuming and exposing to radiation, but protective the the ER doctor to "not miss anything" i.e. defensive medicine....

Posted by: Jay Messinon | January 17, 2008 10:24 PM