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Discrimination Lawsuit

In the news, a professor accuses La Salle University of discrimination (AP):

An Iranian-born academic charges that La Salle University illegally denied him promotions and that an official accused him of starting a "one-man jihad" over the issue...

Tavana, who is Muslim, says he was denied a promotion and higher pay because of religious and ethnic bias that started after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

La Salle denies the charges...

Tavana charges that Bruce once asked him if an applicant of Indian descent was Muslim, and in conversation compared Tavana to an Iranian-born former faculty member who had tangled with a supervisor.

"Bruce stated to Tavana that 'All Iranians have a problem with authority.' Bruce further stated, 'Look what you did to the Shah,'" according to the suit.

To tie in yesterday's discussion, this discrimination lawsuit demonstrates the potential for the courts to address individual grievances, regardless of where we are as a nation in our thinking about race and racial oppression. In that the suit is based upon religious/ethnic bias, it also prompts reflection on how race and racial oppression have evolved after 9/11.

Interesting stuff.

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Kia: You celebrate the fact that single phrases can start a lawyer gotcha claim in employment law.

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