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Ooooh, this is most definitely the Quote of the Day (pun intended). From Day on Torts, a civil justice critique of the tort "reform" rhetoric of Big Pharma:

I don't care how much money the drug companies spend on ads... What I do care about is the effort by the industry to say that they can't afford to develop drugs because of product liability suits at the same time they appear to be spending billions of dollars to sell drugs - when they secured more than adequate profits for decades before they started advertising. If the drug companies want special protection from lawsuits, then they should be required to disclose what they spend to sell drugs and how they spend it. That way, legislatures can make a choice about whether it is in the public's interest to grant legal protections to the drug industry and preserve its choice to spend its money on Madison Avenue rather than in a laboratory in New Jersey.

But don't rely on this sound-bite. Read the full article.

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Posted at 11:32 AM, Jan 22, 2008 in Consumer Rights | Debunking Tort "Reform" | FDA | Federal Preemption | Health Care | Pharmaceuticals
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