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UPDATE on Halliburton Camp Hope Horror

You MUST listen to these video clips from the hearing:

Testimony of Jamie Leigh Jones:

"There has been no prosecution after two and a half years.The arbitration laws are so abusive that Halliburton is trying to force this into a secret proceeding, which will do nothing to prevent continued abuse of this nature. What is there to stop these companies from victimizing women in the future? The United States has to provide people with their day in court when they have been raped and assaulted by other American citizens. Otherwise, we are not only deprived of our justice in the criminal courts, but the civil courts as well. The laws have left us nowhere to turn."

Testimony of Chairman Conyers:

"I'm embarrassed that the Department of Justice can't even come forward. I want (Mukasey) to start talking about these questions that we're asking the witness.We've got tens of thousands of people over there, goodness knows how many people have preceded Ms. Jones in this tragedy.This is an absolute disgrace. The least we could do was have people from the Department of Justice and Defense over here talking about how we're going to straighten out the system right away. You don't even need a hearing to do that. They should have responded to their Congressman Poe immediately, and said let's clean this up right away. Did they do that? No."

Post from the Gavel Blog, Nancy Pelosi's blog.

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Thanks for this Kia.

Why do I get the feeling that as Chairman Conyers said, "You're so courageous, we're going to turn this thing around, " the two white men behind him said, "Thank god she started this foundation. We're off the hook. God bless America and the freedom it gives people to create their own organizations which remove responsibility from the government for the wellbeing of citizens."

What does this whole episode mean for the protection of women under the law when the interests of corporations are at stake? As you pointed out Kia, the fact that Ms Jones must visit a private arbitrator hired by Haliburton is a rediculous conflict of interests. My question however is, how might the abolishment of pre-dispute mandatory binding arbitration provisions in contracts like employment contracts prevent this from happening again? Also, we can do to address how woman are uniquely impacted by such nonsense?

Posted by: Matthew Birkhold | December 20, 2007 9:50 AM