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A Suitable Suit Over Lost Pants

The civil justice system worked for Santa's sake in this "lost suit" court battle against a NJ dry cleaner. The family-owned dry cleaner lost Santa's suit and then tried to stiff him by paying him only half of the suit's value. He took them to small claims court and won court costs and the value of his suit.

But because he had to collect the money himself, the owners of the dry cleaner were less than prompt about repaying the jolly old Saint. So instead of putting a lump of coal in their stocking, Santa showed up at the store w/ the camera's rolling:

"Merry Christmas! Have you been a good girl?" he asked a smiling Hwang. She promised to put the check in the mail to Weisberg the next day.

Weisberg, who has been playing Santa at events for about a dozen years, made a promise, too: If it did not arrive, he would be back to protest again. (Read full article)

Naughty dry cleaners, nice payback.

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