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Thanks to Chicken, Drivers Can’t Cross Road

A news story that is one part disgusting, one part unfortunate, and one part comical, (and potentially the precurser to a negligence lawsuit?):

Comical: Yesterday a poultry truck in Virginia leaked chicken fat along 20 miles of Route 13.
Unfortunate: It caused at least four car crashes and one hospitalization.
Gross: The roads had to be sanded against the fat, which reportedly stuck to tires and created a "glassy film" on the road.

(AP Story here)
Makes me seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. There has been nothing in the news about how or whether those involved in or injured during the car collisions will pursue any recourse. But the news story did mention that the leak was caused by a valve that someone failed to close on the truck.

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Posted at 10:37 AM, Nov 28, 2007 in In the News
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