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Blog Stroll # 2: Senate Says No More Negative Nancy


On PIRG blog and summarized on CL&P blog, Senate is a little fed up with all of this Corporate Protector Stool-pigeoning Crap (sorry, I couldn't resist). It's ready to reform the Consumer Product Safety Commission into an agency that actually protects the public rather than manufacturers and other businesses. Cool.

Senate also wants Nancy Nord, Chair of the CPSC (pictured), to resign. This demand has been bolstered by recent news coverage about Nord's letter opposing the reform bill that would drastically increase the Commission's budget and give it greater authority to regulate products and protect people against dangerous ones.

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Posted at 11:05 AM, Nov 01, 2007 in Consumer Rights | Under-regulation
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Recall Nord

There’s a figure head on a bobble doll
In the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
She bobs her head, but will not fall
When her agency is filled with omissions.

What’s the problem with lead filled toys
That come to America from China?
Are communist standards really that low?
But “Free” trade has never been finer.

We’re Free to get that wonderful junk
And Free to give away our rights.
It’s freedom to stress the second syllable
As free jobs take cheap flights.

It’s Nancy Nord’s department store
Where she rejects the funds that she lacks.
It’s Nancy Nord’s incompetence
So we can call her The Nordstrom Hack.

Let’s not upset our Chinese masters.
They own a trillion dollars of our debt.
Expanding our government safety agency
Would only inflame those communist Reds.

Perhaps we check the bobble head’s neck
To see why her standards still fall?
It looks like Nancy is Made in China.
So it’s Nord that should be recalled.

Posted by: Mark Lysgaard | November 2, 2007 1:24 AM