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On Torture…

If you want more information about the Supreme Court's decision yesterday not to hear a torture case against the CIA, check out Linda Greenhouse's NYT article, which provides good background. The refusal to hear this case in effect upholds the state secrets privilege doctrine as it has been used by the Bush administration to cause dismissal of lawsuits relating to national security issues. This case would have asked whether dismissal of a lawsuit under the states secrets privilege, before evidentiary matters (which are usually the focus of the state secrets privilege) even arose, is an improper expansion of the privilege.

Relatedly, the editorials page of today's Times provides lots of insightful commentary on torture practices and the U.S. government. Many are a response to Sunday's article "On Torture and American Values."

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Posted at 2:00 PM, Oct 10, 2007 in Governmental Transparency | Supreme Court Rulings
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