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NJ Trooper Harassment Suit Settles

In today's Times we learn that a New Jersey trooper will settle his harassment lawsuit against the New Jersey State Police, but only after he was able to achieve his goal of alerting the public about a dangerous police subculture in the agency.

In his lawsuit, Justin Hopson alleges that a police gang called the "Lords of Discipline" harassed him and ultimately resorted to beatings when he would not agree to other troopers' false account of a drunk driving arrest that he said should never have taken place. The state investigated and concluded that there was no such gang, but that there was a problem with extreme harassment. Hopson's lawyer says that in denying Hopson's and other troopers' assertions that there is in fact a rogue group within the agency, the state is effectively sanctioning the group.

Hopson wanted to come forward to "make the public aware of this group and to spur changes in the culture of the State Police." Check out the article here.

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Posted at 10:56 AM, Oct 02, 2007 in Employment Discrimination
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