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In the News (Monday)


From NYT, more on sub-prime mortgages and State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein's report, with CLP blog's commentary.

From WSJ: "The Supreme Court Monday extended its examination of punitive damages against corporations by taking up a $2.5 billion award against Exxon Mobil Corp. over the 1989 Valdez oil spill in Alaska." (See here)

Children in India as young as 10 were reportedly found making clothes for Gap Inc., separated from their families until they pay off family debts with their labor. International labor activists reacted immediately to this news, as did the Gap, who said that a subcontractor hired in violation of Gap policies ran the factory and that nothing from that factory would be sold in Gap stores. A gap spokesman said: "Under no circumstances is it acceptable for children to produce or work on garments."

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Posted at 3:57 PM, Oct 29, 2007 in In the News
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