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Jury finds Merrill Lynch took advantage of New Jersey philanthropists George Rothman and his wife, both of whom were declared incompetent in 1999. "According to C. Wade Bowden, a lawyer representing the Rothmans’ two daughters, Merrill Lynch took advantage of the couple’s deteriorating mental condition to shift their money into investments that would pay higher commissions." Read more here.

NYC taxi drivers plan second strike. New York Taxi Workers Alliance is calling for a strike today to protest a city plan requiring the more than 13,000 medallion taxicabs to install GPS and credit card machines. Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the alliance which represents about 10,000 cabbies, told NYT that strikers also hope to compel city officials to use revenue from a planned medallion auction to create a health care and retirement fund for cabdrivers. Read more here.

Common plastics chemical banned in California. Advocates of the ban -- including environmentalists, Planned Parenthood and breast cancer awareness groups -- point to studies that have linked the chemical phthalates (THAL-ates) to reproductive problems, early onset of puberty, testicular cancer and liver and thyroid damage. Other research suggests phthalates may contribute to asthma and decreased lung function in men. The day after the ban was announced, an Oakland environmental group filed a complaint alleging that Apple Inc.'s iPhone is a health hazard because of the presence of phthalates in the headphone cord. Read more here.

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