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Employment Discrim. Case: Damages Sought or Made?

3 women, former employees of Bloomberg L.P., say Mayor Bloomberg is actively involved in the operations of the business they are suing for discrimination. Mayor Bloomberg and spokespeople from the company say that he has completely removed himself from the day-to-day ops of the business ever since he became Mayor in 2001. Spokespeople for the business also say that this is just a smear campaign to get more publicity for the lawsuit and to damage the Mayor's reputation. The plaintiffs say the only damage involved here is the damage they each seek for being discriminated against after notifying their employer that they were pregnant.

From the New York Times article, it looks like the firm is no stranger to discrimination lawsuits:

Since 1997, the company has been hit with at least 16 employment discrimination lawsuits in Philadelphia, New York, Boston, New Jersey and Washington. Five of the suits, including the E.E.O.C’s, remain open. At least four others were settled and the remaining lawsuits were either dismissed or information was not readily available yesterday about their outcome.

The lawsuits depict a workplace intolerant of older workers, of women and men who needed extra time for child care, and of people with disabilities or health problems.

Neal Brickman, a Manhattan lawyer who has represented several former Bloomberg employees, says the lawsuits do not represent all of the cases in which discrimination occurs because many are settled confidentially before ever reaching court, leaving no public record.

Read the full article here.

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Posted at 11:47 AM, Oct 04, 2007 in Employment Discrimination
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