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City Talks Ground Zero Settlement

See the NY Daily News for the full story:

The city wants to cut a billion-dollar deal with 9,000 Ground Zero workers who blame their lingering illnesses on toxins they inhaled at The Pile, the Daily News has learned.

Thousands who've signed on to a federal class-action suit received a six-page letter from their lawyer last week, asking permission to negotiate with the city on the terms of an expected payout.

"The City of New York and the contractors have indicated that they want to negotiate a global or aggregate settlement on behalf of all our WTC clients," reads the letter from lawyer Marc Bern.

The letter lays out the pros and cons of signing a deal, including taking a lesser payout now to avoid a decades-long legal battle.

Previously, the city has shown little interest in talking settlement and has attacked the plaintiffs' claims in Federal Court. The city and its contractors have been unsuccessful in trying to get a federal judge to toss out the claims before they go to trial.

Yesterday, both sides declined to discuss the letter, citing a confidentiality order. (Keep Reading)

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Posted at 2:37 PM, Oct 16, 2007 in 9/11 & Ground Zero
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