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Sex Discrimination Class Action? We’ll See on Monday

On Monday, a judge will decide whether a sex discrimination claim by two former sales workers at EMC can turn into a class action lawsuit against the company, which has logged more than 40 EEOC complaints of sex discrimination, and 12 Title VII sex discrimination lawsuits since 2001.

Here's a Washington Post article on the lawsuit. And in this AP article, plaintiff's lawyer Linda Friedman makes the case for the importance of class action certification of this lawsuit: "Companies can one-by-one try to knock people out and dispute their stories. When the cases are joined together, it's about overall statistics and patterns, rather than the typical he-said-she-said."

According to many former employees, EMC cultivated a generally sexist culture marked by gender-disparate pay, employee activities such as trips to strip clubs and Hooters, and gender biased assignment of projects. This created a hostile work environment in which resistant employees--male and female--were either actually or (according to one employee) effectively discharged.

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