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Intel Withdraws

Remember the Intel controversy about the ad and their endorsement of the ballot initiative to restrict class action lawsuits? (Previous blog here) Thanks to the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights for the following announcement:

Intel Waves The White Flag -- Withdraws Initiative

We just received word from the Attorney General of California. Intel has withdrawn its California ballot initiative to eliminate class action lawsuits. (Intel had already stopped circulation of its offensive advertisement that has been called racist by many.)

Intel's board of directors received 30,000 faxes calling for the withdrawal. A new television advertisement in the Silicon Valley had called upon board members to retreat. Civil rights leaders across California had weighed in too.

Thanks to all of you who brought Intel's board of directors to its senses. Intel's decision shows that large corporations listen when enough angry consumers stand up for their rights. Big Business may have the money, but we have truth and justice on our side.

If you would like to thank Intel's board of directors, you can send a message here.

Check out the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights

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Posted at 10:48 AM, Aug 29, 2007 in Class Action "Fairness" Act
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