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Welcome New Tort Deform Readers!

Greetings to our new readers who arrived by way of our recently launched blog ads. If you clicked on our ad because you’re concerned about the question it asks, you’ve come to the place with the answers.

Tort Deform was launched to provide a counterpoint to the narrative promoted by the self-labeled tort “reform” movement. This blog confronts and transcends the arguments put forth by the tort "reform" movement, and advocates for access to justice and the civil justice system for all Americans.

Whether you come to us for recent access to justice developments, analysis of the tort “reform” movement’s makeup and tactics, approaches to framing access to justice issues, general information about the civil justice system, access to justice issue spotting, or proposals for pro-civil justice reforms, we’re here to provide it all.

We launched Tort Deform on September 12, 2006. Since then, we’ve grown immensely in just under eight months and gone from a readership of 0, to a total of more than half a million page views.

We're excited at the overflow of enthusiasm this project has generated. We hope that you become a regular reader and also spread the word about Tort Deform: The Civil Justice Defense Blog.

To read a more about why we started this project, and the importance of it, click here.

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