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Top Twelve Tort Deform Posts of All Time

Sometimes it's just nice to take a stroll down memory lane. Here are the top twelve most read Tort Deform posts of all time.

*Note that this ranking does not include the number of reads on the many other blogs where these pieces are cross-posted. The ranking only represents the readership of posts as read directly on TortDeform. Many posts not listed here may have more total reads across all the blogs we cross-post to. Unfortunately, we can't measure reads on other blogs. Lastly, older posts are more likely to be listed because people have had more time to read them.

1) Cyrus Dugger, Congress Rejects Aid For Sick 9/11 Responders: Puts Financial Safety Over Human Safety

2) Eric Turkewitz, The Myth of Frivolous Litigation

3) Cyrus Dugger, Why You Should be Able to Sue McDonald's if You Spill Coffee on Yourself

4) Paul Bland, American Arbitration Association Breaks Its Promise Not to Hear Pre-Dispute Arbitrations in Health Care Cases

5) NYCEVE, NYCEVE on Daily Kos: Strip Them Of Their Health Coverage

6) Cyrus Dugger, The “Safety is Too Expensive Business Model:” Your NYC Homes, Offices & Schools

7) Paul Bland, National Arbitration Forum’s Wall of Secrecy Begins to Crumble

8) Cyrus Dugger, Offensive Medicine

9) Professor Charles Silver,What's Up Doc? Not the Number of Physicians Practicing in Texas

10) Cyrus Dugger, Nationwide Insurance is On Your Side - Unless You are a Katrina Victim

11) Professor Henry Greenspan, Big Noise From The Mitten State: PART I --The Natives Get Restless

12) Linda Andros, At It Again: The Junk Food Protection Act

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