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Rep. Maloney, Senators Clinton and Schumer Secure $50 Million for 9/11 Health Funding

This small allocation is a great step forward, but readers should note that these representatives have been fighting for 1.9 billion to ensure that the health needs of residents and workers are taken care of far into the future.

Nevertheless, this is a great step forward...

Funding Included in Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill
Washington, DC - Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer and Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler announced that they have secured $50 million for 9/11 health needs in the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill. The funding secured by Senators Clinton and Schumer and Reps. Maloney and Nadler will be used to help meet New York's and the country's mounting 9/11 health needs. This funding will not only help in providing treatment to those affected in the New York metro area, but responders from all over the country who are suffering from 9/11 health related issues.
"As we heard time and time again at the recent Senate hearing into 9/11 health effects, while the problem continues to grow so does the need for funds to give those who lived, worked and volunteered in the Ground Zero and Fresh Kills area the treatment that they so desperately need. This critical funding will address many of the immediate 9/11 health needs and keep treatment programs operating in the near term. However, we still have a long way to go to fully address the needs of those who were exposed to toxins. I will keep fighting until we have the necessary and long-term funds in place to prevent these vital programs from having to go cap-in-hand to government as the money dries up."

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