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First Lady leaves job at arbitration firm

From the Star Tribune:

First Lady leaves job at private firm She spent four weeks as general counsel of a dispute resolution firm that has been under fire for being anti-consumer, which it denies.

By Mark Brunswick, Star Tribune

[Minnesota] First Lady Mary Pawlenty, who resigned a judgeship two months ago to become general counsel for a private dispute resolution company, has abruptly left the job after barely one month.

Pawlenty said through the governor's spokesman that the job was "not a good fit" but otherwise declined to comment.

Citing attorney-client confidentiality, the National Arbitration Forum, one of the three largest companies in the country offering what is known as alternative dispute resolution services, also refused to comment and referred questions to the governor's office.

The company, which was founded in 1986 and is based in St. Louis Park, has been criticized for an alleged bias against consumers in mediating debt-collection disputes, which it denies. (keep reading)

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