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DOJ “Civil Rights Lawyer” Gets Cash Award for Suppressing Black Voters Hotlist

DailyKos cross-post of ePluribus Media story:

DOJ "Civil Rights Lawyer" Gets Cash Award for Suppressing Black Voters Hotlist

by Publius Revolts

Yesterday morning's Washington Post story by Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein tells the story of Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Voting Section Lawyer Joshua Rogers, a

University of Mississippi law school graduate who had been a clerk for U.S. District Judge Charles W. Pickering Sr. about the time the judge's nomination by President Bush to a federal appeals court provoked opposition by congressional Democrats, who contended that Pickering was hostile to civil rights.

According to the Post story, "[a] few months after he arrived, that lawyer [Rogers] was given a cash award by the department." (keep reading)

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