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Response to Sharon’s McCann’s I Had Heard of the American Arbitration Association

Response to Sharon’s McCann’s I Had Heard of the American Arbitration Association.


You have no idea how much I feel your pain and outrage. I am so sorry to see anyone join our club of the clause cursed consumer.

Can you believe we thought this would be less confrontational, faster and cheaper? Like the rest of the very duped American people, we believed the spin.

Our depositions were degrading and conducted in such an uncivilized manner. The lawyers taunted, screamed, belittled, and laughed at us. They would roll their eyes and make noises.

Your term, profit vultures fits these lawyers as well as AAA. I refer to AAA as a demented collection agency. Our case was a horrible three days. We all swore to tell the truth but, it seemed my husband and I were the only ones who took it seriously. The arbitrator did rule they committed fraud. She had too because there were other cases where they sued their own subcontractors and used my house as the example of the most defective... before we ever saw it.

We got 5% of what we ask for and she ruled we had to pay their attorneys' fees for daring to try to go to court for fraud.

I am so sorry, I can truly empathize.

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The Rules of Evidence say,

"Rule 611. Mode and Order of Interrogation and Presentation

(a) Control by court.

The court shall exercise reasonable control over the mode and order of interrogating witnesses and presenting evidence so as to

1. make the interrogation and presentation effective for the ascertainment of the truth,
2. avoid needless consumption of time, and
3. protect witnesses from harassment or undue embarrassment."

The Rules of Condut say,

"Rule 4.4 Respect for Rights of Third Persons

(a) In representing a client, a lawyer shall not use means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden a third person, or use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person."

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