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I Went By My Foreclosed Empty House Today

I went by my foreclosed, empty house today. I got out and picked some of the flowers. The house has been empty for over two years now and the flowers and trees are all grow up, but so beautiful. I planted them all myself.

My house is being patched. The mortgage company is getting ready to cover up the defects and dump it on yet another person. It makes me sick. A puppy or a baby could die if they move in there. Would anyone care?

Some innocent couple won't know what has occurred, and they will think they are getting a great deal. Less than $294,000 thousand dollars for a house that appraised at $408,000 the day we bought it.

I wonder if they will even bother to put the windows in right side up this time. They were closing up the outside hole, now the water will not be able to even run out of one small area. All the water will be trapped inside the walls ... until they start to expand again. I wonder if they put the shower back in. I wonder if they fixed the floor in the front bedroom or just covered it up with new carpet. I wonder how they got all the mold out of the carpet,off the ceiling, off the walls and out of the panty.

But most of all I wonder how long it will be before the new owners have major problems and get sick. To say this is wrong is an understatement. But to dump this house on yet another unsuspecting person is despicable. Look at HCAD. Talk about turn overs ... number 10 has been owned by 5 people already. Sometimes so fast they don't even make the tax rolls, like Hilda Casimiro, when she bought the unit number 10 disaster, to cover up for her son, Jorge Casimiro. The next person went into foreclosure too. And acccording to the laws of Texas you do not have to disclose defects if there is a foreclosure. How much money has this developer cost the citizens of Houston and who will stop them? I wonder.

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