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Can You See What I See? Do You Hear What I Hear?

Arbitration is so hard to get people to understand. And even harder to get them to read about. It does sound boring. And you can easily say to yourself that tort reform doesn't effect you. Corporations say to themselves "let's throw in a few legal terms and completely confuse the consumer." Let me tell you about the true meaning of a "contract of adhesion," and the way these contracts work in your life.

Do not think I am talking down to you. I am not. I have acquired this knowledge the hard way. It has been a most costly, unfair and unpleasant process. A contract of adhesion means the stronger party dictates the terms. It means the weaker one accepts them, because he has no other choice.

Simply put, if you do not sign the powerful, big business corporations' contracts and agree to their detrimental terms, you will be denied the right to purchase or acquire goods in the United States. If you do sign you are at their mercy. Big Business is not a benevolent group, and you are just a number.

That sounds horrible doesn't it? But it is the truth. Tort reform gave us arbitration which includes contracts of adhesion. We have been fed such a spin on tort reform. It sounds so good and fair and inexpensive. We do not inquire into its' bowels until it is usually too late. The spin is a lie.

For your own sakes read and be informed. You and your family can be literally destroyed by these contracts. Signing your name to this type of contract gives you no recourse. You cannot sue and have given up your right to a trail by a jury. The haves, have their way and at great cost to you, the have nots. There are hidden costs you cannot even imagine.

Sometimes I feel, as if this is mission impossible and if I don't get your attention in five seconds my information might as well self destruct. Thousand of consumers everyday fall victim to these simple words. Words they really do not understand, just as I didn't. If you sign away your seventh amendment rights, as you do when you sign arbitration clauses ... you have just become little David fighting the mighty Goliath. Unfortunately, I have not witnessed one single miracle in this process.

When you sign these contracts you have placed yourself and your family in great peril. Please read this site and go to and and then make an educated decision. Ignorance is not going to be bliss. It can cost you your home, your car, your credit, and destroy your family.

Christmas should be a time of peace on earth and good will toward men. Unfortunately, these big businesses have only one goal, and that is to take your money. Credit is easy to acquire when you have good credit. They do not care if they ruin it and you can't fix it. The harm they do is unbelievable, so please protect yourself and your family.

My Christmas wish is that no family ever has to go though what myself and so many thousand of others have. Peace on earth has been destroyed by many things, but tort reform is silent night and day. It doesn't bound happily down your chimney, it smirks up at you on almost every paper you sign.

Peace be with you, and guard yourselves against the evils of tort reform so next year will be merry and bright.

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These lines of decisions are troubling.

Here is one in Michigan that is particularly troubling, especially the points in Justice Weaver's dissent.

Rory v Continental Insurance issued in 2005

Do insurance companies always win in Michigan?

Posted by: Lee Tilson | December 22, 2006 9:14 PM