My doctor is really starting to scare me

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Some days you just have to write what I suppose is called a stream of consciousness. The intent is to enlighten--probably myself, and perhaps to clarify my own bleak intuitions.

The doctor for whom I do volunteer work at the hospital where he is a surgeon and oncologist is a human angel on earth. Trust me, he is a rare breed. His entire motivation for being in medicine to to render help. As he said to me the other day, "I saw three patients today who will probably die within a year, I need to be able to focus my time and efforts on comforting them."

Then, in the next breath, he said, "take a look at this." He showed me a computer printout. It was a tally of insurance company reimbursements. In almost every instance a service or surgical procedure was billed at one amount and this fine doctor was paid literally cents on the dollar.

Even more shocking, the printout was replete with open items from six, eight or ten months ago. All unpaid.

This is ground zero of the American healthcare system. And my fears should be your fears.

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Meanwhile, CEO's have their stocks worth $1bil, with pensions of $5 mil a year.

This is the work of the lawyer that granted immunity to these entities. When you give immunity, you give growth and economic success.

When you give liability, you stifle and crush.

The HMO was developed by Yale traitor filth. Not only should HMO's be subject to all tort liability, but Yale should lose its tax exemption, lose all government funding, and should be sued for its crimes against this country.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | October 21, 2006 10:40 PM