First She Asked the Price, Then She Left - -Without Her Medicine

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Today at the drugstore in my neighborhood, I saw for myself our healthcare system abandon an American citizen, an uninsured American citizen.

A young woman presented a prescription at the pharmacy counter and inquired about the price of the drug she had been prescribed. The pharmacist asked for her insurance card. The woman said she had none. The pharmacist checked the computer and gave her the cost. The woman thought for a moment or two and said " Damn, too expensive, I can't afford it."

I watched appalled, from a distance. When the woman left, I asked the pharmacist how often people ask the price of a drug then leave without getting the prescription filled? She shook her head and said sadly, "all the time".

Even those who have insurance may not find out until it's too late that exclusions, deductibles, co-payments, and annual limits leave them bankrupt when a family member gets seriously ill.

In 2005, more than a quarter of insured Americans didn't fill prescriptions, skipped recommended treatment, or didn't see a doctor when sick, according to the Commonwealth Fund's 2005 Biennial Health Insurance Survey.

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