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On the Consumer Law and Policy Blog, Brian Wolfman (a Tort Deform guest contributor) discusses the implications of the new Federal Judicial Center data on the effects of the Class Action Fairness Act (Class Action Fairness Act: More on the New FJC Data).

I came across a great old post from Justinian (a Tort Deform contributor) on CorpReform discussing the flawed media hype about frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits (97% of Malpractice Suits Have A Factual Basis)

This week’s Newsweek has a series on how to fix America’s hospitals by focusing on the creation of safety systems to reduce the alarmingly large amount of unnecessary medical errors that occur in America today (Fixing America's Hospitals). Pointedly, Tort Deform's Lee Tilson has tirelessly hammered away on the point that we can best reduce lawsuits by implementing better hospital measures to reduce the occurrence of the medical errors on which these lawsuits are based.

On the American Constitution Society Blog, Professor Fisk discusses the possibility of a judicial rollback of the ability of employees to bring Title VII claims under the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Supreme Court Preview: Employment Discrimination and Timeliness of Lawsuits).

Again, on the American Constitution Society Blog, Professor Feinman discusses the forthcoming Supreme Court review of limitations on punitive damages against large scale egregious conduct such as tobacco companies’ deceptive advertising (Supreme Court Preview: Punitive Damages, "Tort Reform" and the Tobacco Industry).

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