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Paul Ruschmann

Paul Ruschmann is an attorney and writer based in Canton, Michigan. He received his undergraduate degree from Notre Dame and his law degree from Michigan. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan.

Paul's areas of specialization include legislation, public safety, transportation, and trade regulation. He is also the author of number of books in the "Point/Counterpoint" series, which is aimed at presenting both sides of controversial issues to high school and college students.

Issues include marijuana, the draft, the war on terror, the FCC and indecency, media bias, and Miranda rights, as well as tort reform.

In his spare time, Paul writes about beer and travel. He and his wife, Maryanne Nasiatka, are the creators of and are the authors of "Michigan Breweries" and the travel editors at "All About Beer" magazine.

Paul can be found online at

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