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Jordan Fogal

Born in Tuscaloosa Alabama in 1945, Fogal attended Tuscaloosa High School and the University of Alabama. Fogal is a grandmother of two and mother of three turned political activist by unforeseen circumstance.

An award winning author, Fogal was accepted into the National League of American Pen Women and Press and Authors and a member of the Alabama Conclave and Alabama Poets and Authors. She is the author of Mean Mary Jean, an autobiography, reviewed by publishers weekly.

Fogal relocated to Texas with her husband Robert Fogal in 1994. She was honored for her essay ”Just As She Intended", by The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse of Houston. This year she was honored for a poem from the Alabama writers conclave entitled " fading fast" and last year for "When you changed your image did you lose your mind?"

Ms. Fogal was working on her new book of memoirs until it was interrupted by the deterioration of her brand new home. She then began her fight against the bureaucracy that protects bad builders and the plight of homeowners in the Houston area.

For the past three years her efforts have been to inform the public of the renegade builders and the injustices rampant in Houston. After learning it was horrible not only in Texas, but encompassed the entire United States she continues to expand her efforts.

Ms. Fogal is know in Houston as the “Lemon Lady” for her nine month stand outside of one of her builders new properties, dressed in Yellow with a giant basket of lemons to refer to the quality of some homes in the city. Fogal also called attention to the fact that there are no lemon laws to protect homeowners who get tricked into buying defective homes, while there are lemon laws for the purchase of automobiles.

Her efforts were the subject of a seven page article in Mother Jones Magazine by Randall Paterson and her stand made people magazine’s ," Contractors From Hell."

She continues her lone battle in Houston against unbelievable opposition.

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